Geeky Friday

It’s hard to admit, but I simply must have one of each in these three categories of things:

– Kitchen Stuff

– Office Stuff

– Geeky Stuff

I have always been fascinated by geeky stuff.   I have no other words to describe these products, I just know that they are geeky and I love them.   I guess normal people call them novelty items or knickknacks.   I think I love them because when I was growing up, in my country, they didn’t have stores that sold these, so when I came to the US to visit they seemed rare and cool to me, even though everyone and their mother has them over here.   I would always find them at Asian stores, and swords and weapons stores, knickknack stores, and Spencer’s Gifts.   When I moved here I started buying them at Urban Outfitters, but now it seems they are focusing more on their hippie clothing than their cool “geeky stuff”.   Then I found ThinkGeek, and was happy that there is an online store dedicated to me… I mean, to geeky stuff.   However, I think now more and more people are noticing and buying these products, because now I even see them at Z-Gallery, Books A Million and Target.

Therefore, some Fridays over here are “Geeky Fridays”, where I will post at least one item and give the “reason” why people must have it.   Sometimes the item will be more related to the “Office Stuff” than the “Geeky Stuff”, but it will most likely be a geeky item.   And for all my “Kitchen Stuff”, you can check the “Cool Tool Thursdays” posts of my cooking blog.

The Geeky Friday item of the day is:

The Samurai Sword Umbrella

Samurai Sword Umbrella

Because you want people to wonder if you are on your way to the weekly Ninja Slaying training, or if you just want to protect yourself from the rain.

*I actually own this item… and I bet people DO wonder 🙂

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